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Spring is here, and I hope the sunshine and fresh air brings as much happiness to you as it does to our staff.  We are spending this month gearing up for our Take Steps walks in June, and we can’t wait to see you there!  Yes, that’s right – we will see you there!  Check out our information below about our Take Steps Road Rallies and how you and your families can join in the fun!  AND – make sure to check out the match for Take Steps funds to take advantage of a great way to help the Foundation! 

There are many areas of our work that I am proud of, but one that stands out is our Advocacy efforts.  You can read below about the efforts our Michigan team had during the recent Day on the Hill on May 6.  Volunteers Sari Grossman and Gretchen Sartori joined myself, Michael Osso and Sarah Buchanan to discuss the impact some upcoming bills will have on our patients.  You can read more about those efforts below, and learn how you can support these efforts too! 

Enjoy the sunshine – and continue to reach out with thoughts, suggestions, or just to say hi.  We love hearing from you! 




Preparing to Manage IBD on My Own

As a teen with IBD, you may already be well on your way in preparing to manage your disease on your own, or perhaps there are some skills you need to improve. You can find more information, tips, and helpful links about transitioning to adult care here. Also, check out this video, where Pete talks to Nicole about how she learns to become more independent with IBD. Remember to speak to your parent or guardian and healthcare team about gaining the skills you need for your journey with IBD as an adult. 

Practice Shared-Decision Making

It’s important that you make the best decision about your care and that decision is the one that meets all of your needs. By working in partnership with your doctor, you can communicate and identify your specific needs and what is most important to you. Click here to learn effective communication skills to participate in shared-decision making. 

Finding IBD Clinical Trials

Our IBD Clinical Trials Finder can help patients search for potential IBD studies! Use our filter options to help narrow the search in finding a trial that fits your needs. This tool also provides details of the trial, including the inclusion/exclusion criteria and contact information for the study site. If a patient finds a particular study they are interested in, they should review the information with their healthcare team. 



Our volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization and are the keys to helping us achieve success in our mission. Whether it’s raising funds, serving on our Board or a committee, or helping out at an event, each volunteer plays a pivotal role. We have many opportunities to engage and be involved. Check out videos on our website to hear some testimonies from our Volunteers, and learn how you can #JoinMIIBD.


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Registration is now open for Virtual Camp Oasis!
We are excited to invite your family to join us for 2021 Virtual Camp Oasis! New & re-imagined activities, special guests, and interactive virtual platforms will provide an unforgettable and unique experience, while time-honored Camp Oasis traditions, friendships, and connections will ensure a meaningful and empowering week for every camper, family, and volunteer.
Virtual Camp Oasis is open to all kids and teens with IBD entering grades 2-12 in the Fall of 2021.
•    Trailblazers (grades 10-12) sessions 7/12 - 7/16
•    Path Finders (grades 7-9) sessions 7/19 – 7/23
•    Young Explorers (grades 2-6) sessions 7/26 - 7/30
Register your camper today!

Save the Date for our 44th Annual Evening of Hope on Saturday, September 25, 2021

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This year’s “Hope Award” will be presented to Teri Spiro for her relentless dedication, hard work, passion, and commitment to our mission to find a cure.

The 2021 Evening of Hope “Susan B. Rosenthal Lifetime Achievement Award” will be presented to Dr. Jay Levinson of Digestive Health Associates for demonstrating leadership, for being an innovator in his field, and for being dedicated to the quality of life for his patients and their families.

For more information, tickets, or to make a donation in honor or Teri or Dr. Levinson, visit our webpage at

Or call Laura Marschner at 646-856-1295 or email 


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Save the Date! Harvest & Hops is on the distant horizon for Friday, October, 22nd! Keep an eye out for our launch and updates as we move closer. 


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West & Central Michigan’s Take Steps walk is only about 6 weeks away! Now is an amazing time to get registered and get fundraisingif you haven’t already. Thanks to the generosity of Chris and Heidi Stolte, all donations made to Take Steps in May will be matched, up to $500,000*. Continue fundraising, or get started, throughout May and help us secure an additional $500,000 for Take Steps. We still have about $60,000 to go to hit our goal and with the ongoing match opportunity for the month of May, now is an incredible time to help us hit that and double your impact on the Foundation.

*Match revenue will not be allocated to your personal or team fundraising

I can’t wait for this year’s event and to see you all there! Stay tuned in the coming week or so for updates on the event, the flow and what’s to come. Let’s celebrate our incredible community and make this year one of the best yet, even with the ongoing pandemic. We will be there and in person so get excited, sign up, and start fundraising today!

If you have any questions, please reach out to me at 646-343-7056 or 

P.S. The deadline to get your t-shirt by walk is this Saturday, May 15th. Hit the $100 pacesetter goal by then to get yours in time for walk day. Again, let me know if you have any questions! 

Can’t wait to see you there, 

Sam Wohlfeil

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 Southeast Michigan Take Steps presented by Medical Weight Loss Clinic is 4 Weeks Away!


Take Steps for 2021 is going to be a hybrid event that allows our community to come together and celebrate all that we have accomplished, connect, and enjoy the day dedicated to our incredible community! While this year’s Take Steps won’t look like a completely traditional walk, there will be many aspects of the event that are traditional and “normal” as we take measures to make sure everyone is safe and healthy as we come out of the pandemic. This opportunity is a step in the direction of getting back to “normal” and we hope you enjoy the event.

We are excited to offer the opportunity to talk with our Honored Heroes and vendor booths! You will also be able to share who you are participating for. We are still having our T-Shirt Contest, goodie bags, photo ops, snack bags, lots of basket prizes for completing various activities, and so much more.

Southeast Michigan Take Step is June 12th from 10:00 am -12:00 pm, come when you are ready this year. When you arrive, the start area is going to be a drive through, so you will remain in your car for all the fun activities. When you are done in the start area, you have two choices: you can continue in your car to do our Road Rally activities around Southfield City Center or you can park and choose to walk with your own group. Either way you can do what you are most comfortable with!

While we had to make changes to provide a safe event this year, we are excited we finally get to come back together as ONE IBD Community! So please sign up and ask your friends and family to donate, because as so many of you know, Crohn’s & colitis does not stop because of a pandemic and this month your donation is generously being matched. Help us fund a cure!! 

Thanks to the generosity of Chris and Heidi Stolte, all donations made to Take Steps in May will be matched, up to $500,000*. Continue fundraising, or get started, throughout May and help us secure an additional $500,000 for Take Steps. 

*Match revenue will not be allocated to your personal or team fundraising

Click HERE to register and raise funds!

For questions or help contact Sarah at 646-306-1970 or at 

Thank you to our sponsors!

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Last week was IBD Day On the Hill, a day dedicated to conversation with local Michigan legislators about various advocacy campaigns on behalf of the IBD community. Discussion topics included ways to increase access to care, such as: Step Therapy Reform, Patients' Access to Treatments Act, and Medical Nutrition Equity Act.

A very sincere thank you to everyone involved in the discussion. To learn more about our advocacy efforts, click here.


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You Are Not Alone! IBD Support Group Meeting Virtually 

Coping with IBD can be a challenge. You may feel isolated, anxious, or even depressed. This is very common and there is an entire community to help support you! Our IBD Support Groups meets online every month and welcomes both adult patients and family members. Learn about new resources, connect to others, and gain invaluable emotional support. The monthly meeting dates and contact information is below.

Troy: 2nd Wednesday – 7pm.

Grand Rapids: 2nd Thursday – 7pm. 

Farmington Hills: 4th Monday – 7pm.  

Ways to Engage 

 Join our Advocacy Network Attend one of our local events 
 Become a Power of 2  support mentor or request a mentor  Become a foundation member
 Engage in IBD research as a citizen scientist in IBD Partners  Follow our chapter on Facebook
 Participate in clinical trial community  Connect with our Crohn’s & Colitis online Community
 Become a volunteer in our local chapter  Contact our IBD Help Center  

As the Presenting Sponsor of Southeast Michigan Take Steps and Friend of the Foundation, we want to highlight Medical Weight Loss Clinic for their continued support. 

When we embark on a journey toward adopting a healthier lifestyle, the path to our goals can be riddled with challenges. Add in a global pandemic and those challenges can sometimes feel unsurmountable. But at Medical Weight Loss Clinic, our professional staff is here to help you through it all.

Rania Almahayni, manager of Medical Weight Loss Clinic’s Dearborn location, understands how any major change in life can impact our progress. Today, our patients are dealing with changes in their work schedules, their children may be heading back to in-person school and our daily routines are already in flux. It can all lead to higher stress levels and can make it seem harder to prepare and stick to healthy foods and habits. But that’s exactly what’s needed now.

“When a person goes through a life change, the level of stress will be more than the usual and they are going to be busier, less focused, and easily distracted,” Rania says.

The scale has been headed in the right direction. Find out how to keep up the momentum even when life throws a curve ball.

Add stress eating to the mix, and that healthy goal will only feel farther away. But there are ways to prepare and navigate these changes.

Here’s what Rania recommends:

·      Set a schedule

“Set time during the week for buying ingredients, time to prep your food and create a schedule for eating every day,” she says. “It is much easier if you are prepared. This will also curb the temptations to eat wrong.”

·      Make your shopping list

“Use shopping lists,” she adds. “Use your journal to write down all the food you are going to eat for a day or for a week. Add the time you are going to eat. Set aside 2 to 3 hours twice a week to prep your food ahead of time. You can do this for the whole family not just for yourself.”

·      Plan time for exercise

Getting some more movement into your day can help curb stress levels, Rania notes. It also helps you focus and is a benefit to your health overall.

·      Don’t skip a visit

“Keep coming to the clinic three times a week - or more if you need to,” she says. “It takes less than 15 minutes to have a visit. We will keep you accountable, help you stay focused and help you with your journal and food choices. We will call you to remind you to come in too if you stop coming.”

Should a patient get off-track, the easiest thing to do is start right back on the program. Rania says those patients who struggle often may come in feeling bloated, sluggish and even experiencing abdominal pain. But by going right back to the program, energy levels will increase and a healthier outlook will prevail.

“Life is not perfect,” she says. “(Patients) just need to get back on track - and the sooner the better. Keep coming to the clinic and we will help with this.”

She assures her patients that the program itself is not only easy to follow, it can be done anywhere.

Headed back to the office and worried about how you’ll stay on a healthy program? Don’t be. Our Medical Weight Loss Clinic professionals are here to help you.

Her patients learn how to prepare a variety of healthy foods and make them easy to take along. For those patients who started the program or continued it during the pandemic and became familiar with a work-from-home schedule, it might feel daunting to make the necessary changes when they are heading back into the office or classroom.

But that’s where our staff can help. It’s possible to stick to it and succeed.

“This is truly a healthy, easy-to-follow and common sense diet,” Rania says. “It helps you lose the weight in a healthy way, improves your health and wellbeing and keeps you happy, active and energetic. I love this diet, and I love seeing how it changes my patients’ lives to the best. I recommend to all in need.”

Are you ready to meet your healthy goals? Learn more about how Medical Weight Loss Clinic’s customized programs. Schedule your free consultation online or by calling 1-800-GET-SLIM.


We are very grateful for our Friends of the Foundation partners and all they do to support our mission! 

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You can find WaterWipes locally at Meijer Stores

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