Addy's Story


Addy Jo - Child Advocate

When your child is diagnosed with a disease that is not only one you have never heard of, but also almost took their life, you feel a sense of hopelessness and loss of control.

My daughter's GI introduced us to Camp Oasis. This was a program that I was scared to death to send her to so soon after diagnosis, but it was what changed her life. Upon diagnosis my bright, bubbly 8 year old had lost her spark and was struggling with depression. She was skeletal and sick. The day I dropped her off at camp she was the child I just described. 5 days later, I returned to pick her up and saw her light and vibrancy return. Something I hadn't seen in 3 months. From that day forward she saw her diagnosis differently. She has shared her story with total strangers and continues to advocate and support through peer to peer programs. She will change lives because of this disease.

As for me, it was Team Challenge that changed my life and continued to influence and change hers. The support, the understanding, the #TCfamily, empowered both of us and taught us how to advocate on her behalf.

The resources, education, and support of the Foundation have forever changed our lives. We could not be in the emotional position we are without this Foundation.