Cara's Story


The Year was 1994

The year was 1994 and I had just had my twins in November 1993. I was now a mother to 3-year-old and 3-month-old twins. I was experiencing problems I had never had before. I went to my family doctor who then sent me to my first gastroenterologist.

I went to Dr. Mary who sent me for my firstcolonoscopy! Oh yes, what a experience (not a good one). Dr. Mary then diagnosed me with ulcerative colitis. Wow, what is this disease I've never heard of? When will it go away? I had no idea what it meant. Why do I have this disease for the rest of my life? Why do I have to take this horrible medicine called prednisone?

Since that time, I have had more colonoscopies than I care to remember, more flares (the worse yet approximately four years ago)and all the other fun stuff that goes with UC. I’ve since became more involved with the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation through the Take Steps walk for the last four years. My son, Thomas, walks with me every year and has supported my efforts for the walk. I have a wonderful support system with my family, close friends and work friends. I have to go annually now for colonoscopies because of the time I've had UC.

I feel lucky my UC is not as bad as others I've seen. I can still work my job at Red Gold where I've been for over 20 years. I can still be active with my kids (I just went and rode roller coasters at the age of 50 last weekend, with my best friend and kids)!

I can hope, that when a cure is found it will help a lot of people to avoid living with this horrible disease and they too can live a normal life!