Emily's Story


What A Year!

The Crohn's & Colitis Foundation has welcomed me with open arms, first as a participant, then as a volunteer and now as a staff member. The Foundation has allowed to be open about my disease and share my story to help others who are struggling with these diseases. For 15+ years, I struggled with UC and one year ago, I underwent the 1st of two surgeries to remove my colon. The Crohn's & Colitis Foundation was with me every way of the last year during the healing process. Below is the story that I shared to Facebook recently:

"Today marks one year since the beginning of a life-changing journey. One year ago, I anxiously and eagerly underwent my first of two surgeries to remove my colon in order to live a life without constant pain, struggle and fear of what the future would bring. I wasn't sure what the year to come would be but I knew it was time to change my life for the better. This year has certainly been a whirlwind of adventures, endeavors and healing but without a doubt has led me to a life that I didn't realize was I missing. There was no way that I could have known the impact that my surgeries would have on my life but today, 365 days later, I am able to say that my health not only doesn't interfere with my daily life, but I am HEALTHY! I am blessed and thankful to have had an unbelievable surgeon, medical team, job, and especially my family and friends to help me get here today. One year down, a lifetime to come."