IBD doesn't care
about baseball games.

We need a cure for IBD today. Can you help?

For most people, emergency trips to the bathroom are not a daily concern. But what if you don't have a choice?

Matthew was diagnosed with Crohn's disease at six years old, after excruciating stomach pain and fevers led him to many doctor visits and invasive tests.

At CCFA, we are conducting some of the first pediatric research ever on kids with IBD—to help children like Matthew. But we can't do it alone. Please support this critical research today.

After trying different treatments and coping with side effects, Matthew finally found a treatment that addressed his most intense symptoms. But he and his family still worry about how Crohn's affects his life. Matthew struggles to maintain a healthy weight and doesn't want his friends to know about the disease — he does his best to keep it a secret.

Nearly 1 in 200 Americans suffer with the debilitating and constant disruption of IBD — chances are you know at least one of them.

People like Matthew shouldn't have to live their whole lives wondering when their disease will flare up or when treatment side effects will become too severe to handle.

We need a cure for IBD. People who have it can't wait. Will you help?