News & Media

The press provides a crucial platform for growing the visibility of our work, educating the general public, building our support, and perpetuating a community culture of understanding and empathy, in which those afflicted by IBD can feel embraced rather than embarrassed. The media gives our voices a public forum that makes our cause known, pushes our message out to diverse audience groups who can be part of the solution, and builds a deeper understanding of these debilitating diseases in our collective public psyche. Knowledge is power, and the media’s role and partnership in our quest for a cure is a key factor in our success.

We engage the media in active dialogue to spread the word at the national and local levels about exciting opportunities, collaborations, and events at CCFA that educate the public about our cause. Here is a snapshot of recent Take Steps initiatives aimed at building public awareness about our work: 

Media Inquiries

If you are a journalist interested in the Take Steps program, our accomplishments to date, the personal stories of Take Steps participants, or CCFA, please contact Erin Stoeber by e-mail at by calling (646) 943-7458