Success Stories

Get inspired by reading what your fellow Take Steps teams are doing to raise funds and spread awareness!

Team Gesalt

Congratulations to Team Gestalt for being the top fundraising team in the country and raising over $40,000!!! WOW!

Team Captain, Norman Shub, had this to say about why he fundraises and his Take Steps experience:

"We are very proud to be the top team because we helped and WILL CONTINUE TO HELP CCFA! What was a SHOCK to me was my reaction to the walk. I am not a person who cries, but in the first half hour I ended up crying with three different families. Their courage, their pain with the constant struggle with their disease and the support the families exhibited for their kids with Crohn’s or Colitis touched my heart and brought me to tears. By the time I was called up to the stage to be recognized for my efforts I was so choked up I could not speak. We loved being at the walk… We hated seeing the pain….we loved the feeling of support and encouragement ,,,,, we hated seeing kids talking about just coming out of the hospital, having another operation , not being able to go to school … We love that so many came out to support these amazing families of all ages!!!

Carter's Story

Carter has been instrumental in the success of Northwest Ohio’s Toledo Take Steps this year… He has THREE teams for the walk – and collectively, his teams have raised $11,780!