Fundraising Incentives

Your commitment to fundraise and support our patients is no small endeavor and we appreciate your dedication and hard work. Without your efforts to meet your fundraising goals, we could not continue the work to achieve our important mission.

Team Captains: Earn a $50 DoorDash Gift Card
Show that your team is 100% Committed to cures! If you are the team captain of a team that meets all three of the following requirements by June 12, you will receive a $50 DoorDash gift card:

1. At least 3 people are on the team

2. The team raises at least $500

3. Everyone on the team raises funds

Raise $100 and Become a Pacesetter
Pacesetters are team members and individuals who raise $100 or more. Pacesetters are given special recognition on walk day and will receive an official Take Steps t-shirt and access to walk day food and refreshments at in person events. *Patients and children under 13 will receive access regardless of fundraising. Participants who achieve additional fundraising milestones, will receive bonus incentives!



Thank you to our National Sponsors: