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Social media is a great way to quickly and effectively reach a wide network of people, and to share your story. We’re sharing the best practices on how to use social media to increase your fundraising!

If you want more people to see your fundraiser connect it to your Facebook page!

  1. Log into your Fundraising Center
  2. Log into your Facebook account
  3. On the ‘Home’ tab of your Fundraising Center, click on ‘Fundraise on Facebook’. Click continue on the next screen, then ok.
  4. Once connected, you will see a screen in your Fundraising center confirming your Facebook Fundraiser is created and synced to your fundraising page.

Alternative: Log in to our app, and you will see the option to connect your fundraising page to Facebook on the home screen.

Once created, Facebook will automatically post your fundraiser to your timeline and it will appear on the newsfeed. To re-post your fundraiser, you can copy the link from your Fundraising Center and re-share it. Learn more about creating a Facebook Fundraiser.


Social Media Toolkit

Team Building 

  •    Start Your Team Today - Social Media Kit (1)


  •   Share Your WHY Social Media Kit #1
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Social Media Best Practices

  • It’s important to post where your followers are! Stick with the platform where the most family, friends, and colleagues will see your posts.
  • Represent Take Steps on your social media profiles. Change your profile picture of you in your Take Steps shirt, at the Walk, or at Kickoff!
  • Post an update on your fundraising progress, explain why you are walking, share a patient’s story, or a research update from the Foundation.
  • Remember to tag relevant people, pages, and companies in your posts.
  • Some suggested hashtags and tags include #WhyITakeSteps #TakeSteps #crohnsdisease #ibd #ulcerativecolitis @crohnscolitistakesteps on Facebook, @CrohnsColitisFn on Twitter, @CrohnsColitisFoundation on Instagram and Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation on LinkedIn.
  • Want the most amount of people to see your content? Make and share a video! Anyone with a phone can capture compelling videos with the potential to raise far more money than posts with just a photo.
  • Remember to add some interest to your post! It’s important to utilize video, share a compelling patient story or do something creative to encourage friends to share your post. The more people share it, the more people will see it. Don’t forget to always include at least a photo, as sharing something visual captures people’s attention.
  • Unsure what to post? Check the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation’s social media pages or Take Steps on Facebook and repost popular content. Your friends, family and colleagues will love to hear updates from you share how close you are to your goal!

Follow these easy tips and you’ll be a social media fundraising pro in no time. Follow @CrohnsColitisFn on Twitter, @crohnscolitistakesteps on Facebook, Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation on LinkedIn and @CrohnsColitisFoundation on Instagram for content you can share with your own network.

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