Carla's Story

Carla LassiterMy New Years commitment that I made to God for 2013 was "Living Life to the Fullest". I didn't realize that year how hard I would have to hold on to those exact words that I promised. I was so excited for 2013 - my life was turning around for myself and my two little ones. I had just recieved my ministerial license and degree that summer. I was truly grateful and excited! Then the season changed from summer to fall and so did my health.

I was diagnosed with irritable syndrome in 2009 so I didn't think much of the pain that I felt. I had accepted the constant running to the bathroom to be normal. My tremendous weight loss, I thought along with my doctor at the time, was from the stress of the divorce.

I soon found out the month of December, two days before Christmas, that it was something more serious. My mother took me to the emergency room and I had all kinds of test done. I was sent home with a possible diagnosis - we think it might be Crohn's disease, which I didn't know anything about. Come January I was in the hospital for a week - had to have two blood transfusions and a colonscopy. Then I got the diagnosis of Crohn's by the summer of 2014. I had my appendix removed and a portion of my small intestine with several blood transfusions.

I was so grateful to God that I made it through the surgery. I made the decision to not allow my diagnosis to rule my life. Instead, I will continue to "Live my life to the Fullest" and give hope to others that they can too. God has never left me or forsaken me through the diagnosis of Crohn's.



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