Sofia's Story

Sofia was your typical healthy happy 9 year old when she started having stomach pains. She began to lose her appetite and was constantly in the bathroom. After months of this, and drastic weighloss, she became very weak and always fatigued.

After numerous trips to her pediatrician, all they could determine was she was anemic. We added iron to her diet and kept a food diary as we thought it might be food allergies, but she continued to get worse. Within the year she lost over 20 pounds and her pains never ceased.

We saw an infectious disease doctor and allergists, but it wasn't until we went to the gastroenterologist where the colonoscopy revealed she had severe Crohn's disease with inflammation in her small intestines.

The first medicine worked for a few months, but then stopped working and the pain came back. So we moved to a stronger medicine, biologic transfusions , but after the 3rd dose her body built an immunity to that as well. Now she takes 100% humanized biologic injections biweekly. After four months of injections, she's gained 30 pounds and appears to be headed into remission.

We pray she continues to have a healthy progress. Since Crohn's is a life long condition with no cure, and so many children and adults are being affected by this disease, please help in bringing awareness by your support. Sofia and I deeply thank you!

*As told by Jessica Poitevin


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