John's Story

My son Rion Barbetti is a twelve-year-old boy suffering from Crohn's disease. He was diagnosed over six years ago. He is an incredible student athlete. He's always looking to do the right thing and put his friends and first. Has a huge heart and drive of a thoroughbred.

This year he had major surgery and they removed a third of his intestines and other small organs. They are trying to treat him with several different kinds of drugs, some that work and some that don't. This year, with his operation, he developed blood clots that needed to be treated with blood thinners. This did not allow him to play sports - football, basketball and lacrosse, his favorites. 

Rion plays on every travel comp and youth team around. This past year he had to sit the bench and watch, which tore him up knowing he couldn't help his friends, his teams. He is the easiest funniest kid to befriend, he is coachable, and loved on and off the field by his fans and the coaches.

Right now we reached stand still with his healing process and all the medication that he is on. Rion has lost over 10 pounds and is just trying to gain it back desperately. All we get from the doctors is, it takes time to recover and that preteen years are the hardest. However, we was recently allowed back on the field to play lacrosse, light contact.



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