Lynne's Story

Hi everyone, First, thank you for allowing me to reach out and share with you my story. If it can offer encouragement, support and caring then yes! I have helped.

I am a mother of 2 adult kids (22/26) that everyday fight..and I do mean fight..with the challenges of UC. I know for anyone who will read this you will agree with me that everyday presents struggles. And for those days that are a "good" day you cling and dance during those times.

My son (26) has been fighting with the effects of UC since age 15. A total colectomy, temporary ostomy and years of pain and colon issues and now...a potentially permanent ileostomy. Sound all very familiar?.... It is my hope, that this surgery will provide him a new start.

My daughter (22), I caught the signs earlier and have thus far kept her from having to have any surgery. As a family, the three of us are very tight. Moms, dads ...any may find this to be true too.

Me... Hmmm...I have been blessed with being a experienced medical/ surgical nurse and with that I have the knowledge to know how to care for both of them. Although this may sound like a good thing it also holds very difficult watching your kids in pain, discouragement, daily challenges that I can't control and yes at times feel helpless.

I find comfort in the power of knowledge and reading anything and everything I can get my hands on to help them both and educate others, my family to understand this disease. Also, I lean on my faith knowing that God has provided me with the skills and know how to help them.

Now you.... I want to be able to help others in any way I can. It is my hope that no one feels alone in their fight/ journey . I don't know what I can offer but I'm willing to listen, offer encouragement and support.

Thank you and please if you can find comfort in my story then I've been a success. Together we walk...1 day at a time.



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