Nancy's Story

Nancy DiVirgilio

Mom was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis after multiple tests and a year of sickness. Uneducated with the disease, she let days go by without her medication. None of us knew the seriousness of the disease. Mom never thought to seek medical help when she had a flare up, "it will pass" was what she would tell us when we voiced our concerns.

On October 29, 2016 at 1AM mom collapsed outside the bathroom. We all rushed to the hospital. Her colon had ruptured, she was being prepped for emergency surgery. They saved her life that night, but at a terrible cost. 10 months in and out of the hospital and rehabs, and had 9 major surgeries.

Mom lost her fight on August 5, 2017. Nancy DiVirgilio, my mom, was only 66 years old. She left behind a husband of over 40 years who still cant bear the loss, 5 daughters, and 2 grandchildren who meant the world to her.

If only we had known how serious this illness was, maybe her fate would have been different. Knowledge of this disease is the key to survival!

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