Paul's Story

Paul Larochelle

Paul began his undiagnosed journey with Crohn’s disease over 15 years ago. About five years ago he received his diagnosis while in the intensive care unit at Eastern Maine Medical Center with sepsis. During a colonoscopy to try to find out what was causing him to be sick every three months on the dot, his colon was punctured which later sent him back to his doctor in Waterville where he was sent to Inland to be life lighted to EMMC.

Crohn’s was just one more thing added to the list. Not only the list of illnesses he has but the list of medications, the list of food restrictions, the list of pains, the list of challenges to fight against every day and so much more. His strength and perseverance inspires me to push myself every day, to be a stronger person, to never feel bad for myself when life throws challenges my way. Our journeys shape us to be who we are even if the steppingstones along the way can be made up of struggles and challenges. Our journeys, good and bad, bring more people and opportunities into our lives. My family and I are forever grateful for the opportunities and people we have met along the journey with Crohn’s.

Of all the things he has endured he has never once complained. He has always persevered. Through all of the challenges his journey has put him and our family through he never feels bad for himself. Seeing him have this attitude inspires me to see the positive in every situation life throws my way, it could always be worse. There's always someone fighting a battle much more difficult than yours.



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