Rachel's Story

I have a strong family history of IBS and ulcerative colitis. At the age of 27 I figured that I was lucky and got away without having it. I got pregnant at 28 and delivered, everything normal. After my pregnancy though...things changed. I struggled going to the bathroom and then I could not stop running to the bathroom. My farts were worse then my husbands! I knew something was wrong and after talking with my mom (who is a nurse) she knew immediately that I had UC. My father has it and I was able to have somebody to really help and guide me in the things to eat and not to eat.

After having a colonoscopy and being officially diagnosed I started taking medicine and completely redid my diet. Everything is controlled now and I now pray that my son does not inherit UC, but if he does, then I know ill be ready to help him as my father helped me.

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