Sammi.jpgSammi's Story

When I met my husband Mike in 2010, I didn't know it, but I was suffering from Crohn's disease. That first night when he asked me to start dating, I told him, "I'm damaged goods." But I didn't realize at the time how damaged I truly was. During the first year and a half that we were dating I was sick and I was getting sicker. Almost every weekend that I would go to Boston to visit him or he would come to visit me in Connecticut I was sick. He was always worried about me.

In January 2012 we went on a cruise to the Western Caribbean. The entire seven days I was sick. It may have been the worst trip I have ever been on. I was living in Connecticut and I was far from my family. It was Mike who picked up the phone and told my Mom how sick I had really been. He wanted me to take action to find out what was wrong, and he knew that he needed my Mom's help to make that happen.

From there I began testing and it was in April 2012 I found out what was wrong, I was suffering from a very serious form of Crohn's disease, a form that could have taken my life. In May 2012, only days after moving to Boston, I ended up in the hospital completely septic because my Crohn's disease was allowing my intestines to attach to parts of my body that it should not have. Shortly after that in July 2012, I had a major surgery. Since my major surgery, I have had three smaller surgeries, all kinds of abscesses and many flares, but as many know, it's a daily battle and it's a lifelong battle that so desperately needs a cure!

I have been so lucky that I haven't had to fight my battle alone! I have had amazing doctors, nurses and staff (especially at my second home at BIDMC in Boston, MA), great friends who have made it to remicade appointments, an amazing family by my side - always, the sweetest babies a Momma could ask for (Mia, J & Riv) and a husband who has been with me through it all. I have been very blessed! Even through all my medical struggles I have managed to be a fighter. I attended and graduated from law school, taken and passed the New York and Massachusetts bar exams, got engaged, got married, traveled a ton, moved to Los Angeles, adopted a puppy, and so much more. I really have been truly lucky.

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