Tammy's Story

A little about Cole. Cole is a fun loving, basketball playing, baseball hitting, smart, handsome, sweet, caring and so much more young man! He was diagnosed last year at the age of 16 at Seattle Children's hospital. Cole started showing signs of not feeling good a few months before his diagnosis. We were back and fourth at least a dozen times to his pediatrician in that two month period, giving samples, blood draws and X-Rays. During these few months Cole seemed to have lived in the bathroom, his joints hurt him fiercely, he was doubled over in pain from tummy cramps, missed a lot of school, and was just plain miserable.

Cole was weak, and pail from anemia, and showed signs of discouragement, frustration, just plain sad and mad. On a Friday morning last year, I called his pediatrician and told them Cole is really not doing good today. I wanted to find out the latest blood results that was taken on the Tuesday before and there was a rush order on it. The nurse then went and got the doctor out of the room he was in. She told him what was going on, I was on hold for about 11 minutes, and when the Doctor came to the phone and he told me that I needed to pack a bag and head to Seattle Children's. I asked why, whats wrong? He said they found something in Cole's blood and that the hospital doctors would explain. I did what was asked, trying to stop from panicking, brought Caitlyn (Cole's younger sister) to my parents house and headed to the hospital emergency room.

Cole was brought immediately back, the doctors were in the room waiting and they told me that Cole has lost 27.4% of his blood. My mouth dropped to the floor and I did my best to keep calm for Cole. We were admitted to the hospital, where we stayed for nine days. On the 3rd day the GI team came in and said that they were going to do a colonoscopy and an endoscopy to see what was going on with Cole's tummy. The results was Crohn's disease.

Now every seven weeks Cole goes to Children's to receive an infusion to make him feel better. He has already had seven infusions! Cole still has daily issues but thanks to Children's hospital and their amazing GI team, Cole can now, or most days, get through the day feeling good! We quickly started to learn about the disease and found out there was no cure, this is a life long disease. So we walk for Cole, and the other children at Children's hospital who suffer like Cole, at Take Steps, to help find a cure for this very painful and extremely ugly disease!

Thank you,

Tammy (Cole's Mom)

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