spin4 crohn’s & colitis cures is a party with a purpose! join your friends for a relay on a stationary bike and raise funds for the crohn’s & colitis foundation. keep reading for more information, or click here to fill out a brief form and connect with one of our staff members.

1. register

Do it yourself, join a team, or start a team.

  • $40 registration fee
  • Up to 4 people per bike.
  • You can ride solo for the entire 2 hours, if you're tough enough.
  • The ride length is determined by the size of your team. More teammates = less sweat for you!
  • Training optional, anyone can do it. Just show up if that's your style.

2. raise money

Ask your friends and family to donate.

  • Each bike has a commitment of $1,000.
  • Choose the $2,500 level for a front row bike & VIP experience.
  • Personalize your team fundraising page.
  • Receive access to fundraising tips, tricks & tools.
  • Fundraising Tips

3. spin4 crohn's & colitis cures

Ride as hard or as easy as you'd like. You'll never go further on a stationary bike!

  • Each team has a "Captain."
  • Teams can be as small or large as you'd like.
  • Team examples:
    • Ride solo for 2 hours. 1 person. 1 bike. Raise $1,000.
    • 2 hours (total). 4 people. 1 bike. 30 minutes ride (each). Raise $1,000.
    • 2 hours. 12 people. 3 bikes. 30 minute ride each. Raise $3,000.
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