Virtual Take Steps Walk FAQs

Many of our walk sites are going virtual this year! Our nationwide Take Steps walk will be taking place via Facebook livestream on Sunday, October 18th. This virtual experience will enable us to continue to support our IBD community and provide a safe option for our patients and supporters to connect with their local community and (uniquely!) with communities across the country as one.

To confirm if your walk will take place virtually, please continue to check our website for updates by clicking here.

My local walk is now taking place virtually. How can I participate?

While we can never replace the sense of community of an in-person Take Steps walk, our virtual walk experience will have many aspects of an in-person walk! You can still create a team (either a Friends & Family Team or a Corporate Team) with your supporters and/or co-workers to raise money to find cures for Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. You can even get your company to become a sponsor!

The virtual walk will feature an opening ceremony, opportunity to hear testimony from patients, volunteer leaders, and company supporters, in addition to live entertainment and updates on IBD resources. Once the festivities commence, you can walk around your backyard, your living room, or hop on a treadmill!

Our national Take Steps walk will take place via livestream, and will begin at 12:00PM EST/11:00AM CST/10:00AM MST/9:00AM PST on Sunday, October 18th. Join us as we bring the country together for 3.1 million reasons to Take Steps. Additional details can be found on our national Take Steps Facebook page.


If I registered for my local walk, do I need to register again if my walk is only taking place virtually?

No need to re-register you are already registered!

I’m not yet registered. Is it too late to join the virtual walk?

If you want to join and are not yet registered, visit, enter your zip code to find your local walk community and click on that event. Select the orange “Get Started Today” button to register. You have the option to form a new team as a Team Captain, join an existing team, or walk as an individual. We encourage you to invite your friends, family members, co-workers, and everyone you know to join your team and fundraise. Teams include companies, organizations, families, schools, and clubs that range from as few as two walkers to hundreds! Not only does a team fundraising effort show patients that they have a supportive community who want to help, but every dollar bring us closer to finding cures.

I’ve just registered. Now what?

While all are welcome and there is no registration fee, we encourage everyone to register and set a fundraising goal of at least $100 to become a Pacesetter. Raising $100 sets the pace for being an IBD supporter and is as easy as asking 10 of your friends and family members to donate $10 each! Each person who individually raises at least $100 through their participant page will become and Pacesetter and will receive a Take Steps t-shirt. There are a variety of special fundraising incentives fundraisers earn at the $250, $500, $1,000, $5,000, and $10,000 levels that you can check out here. The higher you reach, the more likely we can find a cure faster.

I am unable to walk on the same day as the national virtual walk is taking place. Can I still participate?

Absolutely! Take Steps whenever, and wherever, it is most convenient and safe for you! Be sure to share your videos and photos on social media using #WhyITakeSteps. Contact your local walk staff for help personalizing your experience to be meaningful for you and/or to get connected with another Take Steps walk taking place in a city near you.

Should I start/continue to fundraise if my Take Steps walk is now only taking place virtually?

Absolutely! It is now more important than ever to continue to show our support for the IBD community. Whether through social media, email, phone, or text, the formula is always the same. Tell your network why you’re fundraising, whether you’re a patient battling Crohn’s disease or have a loved one recently diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Tell your friends that an estimated 3.1 million Americans suffer from IBD, yet there is no cure. Then tell them we need a cure and invite them to be part of that miraculous achievement by making a donation to your fundraising.

Here are some tips on how to continue virtually fundraising:

  • Download the Take Steps App for Apple or Android! Do everything on your Take Steps Mobile App that you do in your Fundraising Center with the bonus and simplicity of sending texts, posting to your favorite social site, and emailing your friends from your own phone’s address book.
  • Connect your fundraising page directly to Facebook in your Fundraising Center! Your donations will show up instantly when people give on Facebook. (Participants who use Facebook Fundraisers raise, on average, 7 times more than those who don’t!)
  • Email your network with why you Take Steps and your donation link. Share your fundraising goal and how they can join you in the effort!
  • Interact with the IBD Community on your social channels! Follow and engage with your chapter Facebook page, and share your commitment to raising funds on LinkedIn and Instagram.

How will I receive my incentives if my walk is only taking place virtually?

We are currently working on a plan to distribute all incentives to qualified participants. We will send out a communication to all incentive-eligible participants once this plan has been solidified.

Will I still be eligible for incentives if I am unable to participate in a Take Steps virtual walk?

All registered participants individually raising $100 or more will still receive their incentives even if unable to participate in the national Take Steps virtual walk. Additional information will be shared with our participants as it becomes available.

How long should I walk if my local walk is now part of the nationwide virtual walk?

All that matters is that you’re Taking Steps! Walk for as long or short as you can. Our national Take Steps walk will still have a designated start time via livestream, so be sure to join us at 12:00PM EST and interact with the IBD community.

How can I start a team?

Visit and search for your local walk. Click on the event and press the orange “Get Started” button. Select “Form a Team” and our registration process will walk you through the rest! Once your team is formed, use the Fundraising Center (located at the top right-hand corner of the website under “Hi NAME” when you are logged in) to customize your page. Add a photo, update your team goal, and share why you walk. Then you’re ready to post the link on social media and send in emails asking your friends to join you by registering and fundraising as a member of your team.

You can find resources specifically for Team Captains under the Fundraising Tools section of our website.

How do I turn in donations?

Encourage participants to donate online so those donations can be credited toward your goal right away and online donations ensure an immediate tax receipt for your donor.
If you have offline donations, please mail the donation to your local Foundation chapter office. See your local walk event page for address.

How can my company match my funds?

Many companies offer matching gift programs to maximize their financial contributions to non-profit organizations. This means you may be able to increase your impact with a matching gift and move us closer to a world free of IBD. Click here for information about requesting a matching gift for your donation.

Why do I have two fundraising pages?

If you are a Team Captain, you will have both a personal fundraising and team fundraising page once you are registered for Take Steps. Both pages are customizable.

The function of the team page is to provide you with a url to recruit team members, allow team members to register, and to show progress towards your team goal. While donors can make contributions to your team page, we recommend they donate to specific team members instead.
Your personal fundraising page should be used to fundraise so that your donations are allocated to your personal fundraising. Only contributions to your personal fundraising will count towards your Pacesetter status and incentives.

What if I have a question not answered here?

Reach out to your local Take Steps walk staff or your local chapter. Find your local staff on the homepage of your event or check your email inbox for your welcome email if you are a registered participant. You can also email with your questions and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible

Thank you to our National Sponsors: