Jack's Story

Being 13 and having Crohn's is bad enough...Add Crohn's disease to the mix and you get a whole new set of problems that are awkward at best.

I was diagnosed two years ago by Dr. Keljo at Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh. At that time I knew nothing about how my body worked other than what I had learned in school, things have changed dramatically.

I now give blood like most people brush their teeth, just do it and move on. I have had more colonoscopies than my father and have seen pictures of my insides that would creep most kids my age out, all part of the deal.

Along the way I have had to deal with the reality of having a chronic disease, the stigma of explaining the nature of it, and the fact that even though I might look ok to others - some days I just feel bad.

I am making it, some days better than others, but with the help of my parents, family and friends I keep a smile on my face and hope for better days. My attitude is an important part of my recovery and the only part that I control, so I might as well be positive and believe.

My dad organizes my team, Team Jackalope, and we would love your support. We have fun and make the event memorable to say the least. Feel free to join us, we laugh and have a good time and you might get to see my new dog this year if his little legs can make it (he is tiny weinerdog).

Thanks for your support