Jenny's Story

Jenny.jpgOur first Valentine's Day together, Anthony had planned a romantic night at one of the best restaurants in town. When that morning came, Crohn's took over and I experienced a severe episode. I felt horrible that I had to cancel. I knew Anthony was a keeper when he showed up in his pajamas with a heat pack, a movie and some soup that night. When you have an invisible illness, it's hard for people to understand. Anthony doesn't try to relate to what I'm going through - instead, he's there to listen and give me a shoulder to lean on. That has made all the difference.

From Anthony's point of view -I proposed to Jenny at the Take Steps walk to show her that I will always support her and be by her side. I wanted to take a day that already means so much, a day when she feels most empowered and connected, and make it one she'll never forget - surrounded by those she loves and those fighting the same battles. She truly is a role model for never letting Crohn's keep her from what she wants.