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While our family is no stranger to Crohn's Disease, when our (then 2-year-old) daughter, Kate, was diagnosed, it still came as quite a shock. Over the past 9 years, Kate has tried and failed several classes of medications, including infusions, steroids, and several biologics. She has been hospitalized multiple times. While in the hospital, she contracted a bacterial infection called c-diff that was resistant to treatment. She ended up having to have a fecal transplant to treat the c-diff. Kate is currently on Stelara. While she has shown some mprovement, Kate continues to struggle with frequent abdominal pain and joint pain--she was in the hospital in the fall with yet another Crohn's flare. She frequently misses school because of her symptoms and has to receive hospital/homebound tutoring. Kate, who is currently 11 years old and in 6th grade, enjoys acting and hanging out with her friends!

When he was 9, Jackson began experiencing abdominal pain. We thought he may have gotten c-diff from Kate, but when he tested negative, our pediatrician ran some blood work. He tested positive on the IBD panel for Crohn's Disease. A few weeks later, this diagnosis was confirmed via colonoscopy. We were devastated to learn that this disease was affecting yet another member of our family. Shortly after he was diagnosed, Jackson contracted c-diff and also had to have a fecal transplant. Jackson, now age 13, has been feeling good the past few months--we are so happy to see him doing so well!! He is in 7th grade and loves aviation and likes to hang out with his friends.

Both Kate and Jackson make us so proud with how they handle their diseases and despite the pain, manage to keep a sense of humor and smiles on their faces throughout it all!! Both Jackson and Kate attend CCFA's Camp Oasis every summer, and we also attend CCFA’s Pediatric, Adolescent, and Parent Support Group as a family. We are hopeful that Kate and Jackson will see a day in the near future free of medications, treatments, and hospitalizations—a future where their Crohn’s is cured and is merely a distant memory for them.

But, unfortunately they continue to struggle on a daily basis! So, we need your help! We need to find a cure for this horrible disease!

Please donate to our efforts to support CCFA in finding a cure! We would also love to have you join us in walking on June 1!! Thank you so much!

The Moskowitz Famiy--Ryan, Nicole, Jackson & Kate

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