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Welcome to Team Rennick! My name is Katherine and my husband Danny and I are teaming up with two events this year to raise money to find a cure for IBD.

Danny is competing for Team Challenge in the Ohio Ironman 70.3 and I'm touched to have been nominated to serve as a 2021 Honored Hero for Take Steps. We are asking those who want to support us to donate to this "Team Rennick" page, and we'll divvy up funds between the two events. While these are two different events, they both support the Crohns & Colitis Foundation to find a cure for IBD. Together, we are Team Rennick!

My journey with IBD has been a long one - and, like many patients, it hasn't been an easy one. I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease as a teenager, right before my 14th birthday. And now an adult at the age of 30, I have struggled with this chronic illness for most of my life.

My journey with this chronic illness has been one of many surgeries and hospitalizations. Of countless medications, treatments and procedures. Of more unknowns than knowns. My journey with Crohn's disease has not been one of finding a treatment that puts me into long-term remission, or having surgery that fixes things for the foreseeable future. I know that's not the kind of journey that typically inspires hope, but stories of smooth sailing are not the reality for many patients. Even so, I'm here because I've learned that hope can be found in choppy waters as well.

"Crohn's patient" is not a label anyone hopes for - and while sometimes that label can feel all-consuming, I intentionally make the choice to not let it be. It does not describe all of who I am. Rather, I'm a wife, a daughter, a sister. I'm an aunt, a friend, an employee and an advocate. And while it continues to be far from an easy journey, it's a journey I'm proud of because it's been one of relentlessly searching for, finding, and holding onto hope. Hope to simply keep taking the next step, even if I'm not quite sure where it will lead or how I will get there.

And that's why I Take Steps - for hope. Hope for a cure, hope for better treatments, hope for a better quality of life for all IBD patients and their caregivers.

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