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Hi!  It’s Michelle!  As many of you know I have been living with Ulcerstive Colitis for a very long time.  Actually September will be 30 years.  I have had it longer than I haven’t!  It is just one part of me and thank gd I am able to live a very good life with it.  I certainly have my ups and downs with plenty of medications as well as the possibility of surgery at any time.  Due to all of the research that has been done over the years and that is still being done, I have been able to be offered new medications that allow for remission for periods of time.  Living with a chronic illness has made me a stronger person.  I try to appreciate all of the good life has to offer and I believe there was a reason for this.  My daughter Sarah was diagnosed with UC as well.  Thank goodness she has not been very sick and hopefully will never be but I am here for her when needed as an experienced UC fighter!  We are walking to continue to raise money for research and maybe eventually a CURE!  Please join our team and if you can, come and walk with us on Sunday, October 23, 2022!  Thank you so much!!

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