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Our team is 100% committed to bringing awareness to the unique IBD experience of each patient, and creating a supportive environment where we can encourage and support each other in our individual movement and mindfulness goals.

How We Are Keeing Each Other Motivated >>>

Take Steps is more than just a walk -- it is a community. As a team, we hope to build on this idea of community by creating a network of camaraderie in which we can support each other throughout the year based on each team member's personal goals, abilities, and motivations.

As IBD patients, caregivers, and loved ones, we are all quite aware of how the our abilities of can dramatically fluctuate on any given day. Just like our physical capabilities, our individual motivations and goals are equally unique! Inspired by what we can do when able, while simultaneously respecting the needs of our bodies, our goal is to create a team dynamic that is not dependent on our ability to participate in a specific activity, on a certain day, at a particular time.

Instead, we are encouraging our team members to pick an activity and set their own goal for the months leading up to the Take Steps Walk: read 100 pages, walk 10,000 steps, meditate for 20 days, knit 3 scarves, do 25 pushups--anything they can devote time to. Every few weeks we are checking in as a team to share our progress, and to encourage each other towards meeting our individual goals. Keep an eye on our team page, as we will be regularly updating our it to share our progress.


For the month of March, our team members had the opportunity to set a mini-goal as a way to encourage each other on our our indiviudal goals and overall team progress. 


For the month of April, our team members had the opportunity to set a mini-goal towards adovcating for Crohns's and Colitis patients. Advocacy takes many forms up to and including sharing personal patient and caretaker experiences, raising awareness about The Crohn's & Colitis Foundation, and fundraising for Take Steps. 


For the month of May, our team members are on a mission to bring awareness to the critical work of the Crohon's & Colitis Foundation - to find a cure Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, and to improve the quality of life of children and adults affected by these diseases. 


For the month of June, our team members are celebrating all the work done to raise awareness in our communities about Crohon's and Ulcerative Colities as well as the essential work of The Foundation!

Help Us Reach Our Goals!

Please encourage our team members as they advocate for IBD patients by donating or registering and fundraising. Your support will help the Foundation invest in cures for the future, while providing support to patients today.

Do you know someone who is affected by Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis? Join our team and share our fundraising page to spread awareness in the community!

[Image description: Text and simple graphics sit over a light gray background. In the upper lefthand corner, strong, blue uppercase letters spell the team name, GUTBUSTERS. Spanning the middle of the banner is a darker gray bar documenting the team’s progress. The line is capped by solid, circular nodes that represent 0 and 100 percent completion of the goal. The text “Team Goal: 100%” appears in title case under the right end of the line in the same shade of gray. The left node is orange, and an orange progress bar with white dashes extends rightward, suggesting the figurative distance traveled by the team, terminating approximately nine tenths of the way along the gray line in a white circular node outlined by a thin orange circle. Bold orange numerals above the progress bar display the team’s current progress of 116.28%.

The bottom of the banner contains four circular icons above uppercase labels that state monthly challenges. The first, leftmost icon is a “thumbs up” symbol, labeled “MARCH MOTIVATION”. The second icon is a speech bubble labeled “APRIL ADVOCACY”. The third icon is a snow capped mountain labeled “MAY MISSION”. The fourth, rightmost icon is a radial burst of lines like an exploding firework labeled “JUNE JUBILEE”.]

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