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Event Details 

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Registration & Fundraising Details:

Registration Fee - $25

Fundraising Milestones (per person):


$100 shirt or tank look good while you ride


$350 selfie package sunglasses, popsocket, & a selfie stick


$700 water bottle so you can hydrate for your bike party


$1000 towel you’re tough enough for a little sweat


$1500 VIP jacket because you’re super important and we want everyone to know


$2500 team spirit bag & headband* 


$5000 1-year spotify gift certificate to perfect your playlist


More than 80 cents of every dollar raised goes towards breakthrough research, public and professional education, and patient support services in communities across the nation.

As a participant you will receive dedicated staff support, a personalized fundraising page, and fundraising tools/tips.

For more information, contact Suzanne at

*items are subject to change