Riddle Race 2021


After the success of our 2020 event, even with event modifications, we are more excited than ever for our 2021 event! As we continue to congratulate our defending champions, Team Rollin' for Colons, we are planning for an even larger and more successful Riddle Race! See the information below, register your team today (spots are limited), and help us raise mission critical funds for IBD patients across the region! We will continue to monitor all COVID-19 national, state, and local guidelines, and are hopeful that we will be able to return to our in-person after-party & concert too - more details and information will be shared with all registered teams!

  • Watch our 2021 virtual after-party! Our event was recorded and shows all the best of the Ultimate Riddle Race, the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation, pictures, results, and more. Watch here.
  • Check out pictures & video from our event from our amazing photographer, Tom Herrit. View pictures here.
  • Learn more about our DC & Virginia Chapter of the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation here, and make sure you've liked their Facebook page as well
  • Watch our exciting event trailer here! This year's race is on September 18th, 2020.

It would be impossible to quickly sum up the Ultimate Riddle Race, but here's our best shot:

The Ultimate Riddle Race is an exciting competition between thirty teams in Calvert County who are racing to solve puzzles, complete challenge challenges, and collect clues to become the Ultimate Riddlers! At the same time, we are raising crucial funds to support the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation and support the more than 3 million Americans impacted by these diseases. 

  • Teams compete to solve puzzles, search for clues, complete activities and arrive at the finish before time runs out. At the end of the race, we celebrate with a great party – food, adult beverages, live entertainment, raffles, and of course prizes for our winning and most spirited teams.
  • I can solve puzzles, but I’m not sure about the challenges….No bungee jumping, but you may have to recite a poem, run a gentle obstacle course, move marshmallows on a straw or take a short trip in a kayak. Not all members of a team perform all challenges, so it is possible to get through without doing anything physical.
  • Teams receive their Riddle Book at the start of the race. The riddles may be in the form of riddles, puzzles or something completely different. All Riddle sites are within Calvert County. The Riddle Book contains valuable information to solve puzzles. Pay attention! Anything could be a hint!


One team captain should click "Form a Team" on this webpage. During the registration process, you may register additional teammates, or you can share your team page and have others join you at another time. Each riddler registration fee is $50 and includes a Riddle Race t-shirt, after party dinner, door prize tickets, and all the fun of the Riddle Race! T-shirt sizes and incentives are guaranteed until August 15, so please register as soon as possible. The maximum number of teammates is the maximum legal number of people who can fit in one vehicle (i.e. a 7-person minivan may have 7 total teammates). If you'd like to register more than one team you may do so, however each team must have a different team captain.


While there is NO required fundraising to participate, we are aiming to raise more than $55,000 to support the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation this year! As team's raise funds (each participant on a team contributes to the team goal), you have the opportunity to earn important hints & clues during the race that will assist your team -- this includes phone hints, extra Riddle Books, fast passes, and a coveted skip a Riddle option! You have the opportunity to self-donate these amounts during registration, but we also have all the tools you need to easily hit and exceed your fundraising goal, and will be there to help you every step of the way!

NEW THIS YEAR, upon registration, each participant will get their own fundraising webpage that they can customize with photos, their story, and more. There is also BUILT-IN Facebook Fundraising to make it even easier! If you have any questions about the fundraising process, please feel free to reach out to Brett Curtis at bcurtis@crohnscolitisfoundation.org or 646-584-1513.


Our 2021 Ultimate Riddle Race Honored Hero will be announced shortly! 


Kick-Off Party

We will have our kickoff party about 1 week prior to the race. At least one team member is encouraged to attend. Whether this is virtual or a return to our in-person event will be announced at a later date. At the Party you will have the opportunity to learn about this years race, earn an extra phone a hint, and have an opportunity to ask questions. Teams with full team attendance on their zoom call will earn a blue or orange clue of their choice.

We will also be asking teams to download an app for this years race. This app will be used for the scavenger hunt portion of our race. We will go over these instructions with everyone at this time. This app will allow you to upload pictures and videos and allow us to calculate your totals automatically. (FYI – There will still be a validation by our judges after the race, so it is possible that the scores you see when you finish, could be different if an item is deemed unacceptable). Teams will be able to view each others progress with the scavenger hunt items as they race.


Race Day registrations, payments, waivers, donations, will all have to be made NO LATER THAN SEPTEMBER 1st. Race order and Packets will be determined prior to race day and the starting order will be announced the day before the race via email and FB post. You will also be given the Riddler specific information to track our Riddler that day. Form your teams with people that you have been around and are comfortable with regarding their current health. We will ask that all teams do a personal health check that day, and please stay home if not feeling well. Shirt sizes will be given out according to the order in which people registered. We hope to fit most sizes.

After Party

After party plans are in the works and dependent on the continuing ongoing COVID-19 restrictions in place, as well as with a focus on caution for our patients, staff, volunteers, and participants. More details will be announced shortly.

Day of the Race

Teams will arrive at a kick-off location and should all arrive in one vehicle ready to race.

Volunteers will be in the parking lot to assign you to your parking spot. Teams will park at least one spot away from another vehicle and will only congregate at their own vehicle. Announcements and Instructions will be given using a speaker system outside of the location.

Teams will be lined up in the order in which they raised the most amount of money for the event. (Remember that this year, we have the ability for your team to do direct FB fundraising for our event. Please take advantage of this. Such an easy way to raise funds and it will help you to win the Race)

You will receive a clue book similar to past years, with Sponsor’s, Riddle’s and clues throughout the book. The back page will still consist of a passport where you will collect stamps for both finding a location and completing a challenge.

Most likely, each location will be outside, so be prepared as this is a rain or shine event, and we are avoiding inside locations, so it could get messy!

Your team will report back for check in at a given location, at which point a volunteer will safely collect and time stamp your book. At this point the race has ended.


We are hopeful to return to our in-person after party, celebration, and concert! More details on selling after party tickets and our plans will be announced shortly.

Our online raffle ticket platform will go live in August!


Team and Individual Fundraising incentives will be available to all players who exceed their fundraising minimum! While there is NO required fundraising to participate, we are aiming to raise more than $55,000 to support the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation this year! As team's raise funds (each participant on a team contributes to the team goal), you have the opportunity to earn important hints & clues during the race that will assist your team

Top Fundraising Team

The top fundraising team will be given their Riddle Book and allowed to begin the race before any other team! All teams will be released in the order of final fundraising amounts. If your team raises $204 you will start ahead of a team that raises $203.  THAT MEANS EVERY FUNDRAISING DOLLAR COUNTS!

Skip a Riddle - $1,000 Raised!

Teams that raise $1,000 will get all of the above, PLUS a coveted “SKIP A RIDDLE” pass which will enable them to skip a riddle completely!

Skip a Challenge - $500 Raised!

Teams that raise $500 will get a PHONE HINT, EXTRA RIDDLE BOOK, and SKIP A CHALLENGE pass to skip the challenge once getting to a riddle location!

Extra Riddle Book - $150 Raised!

Teams that raise $150 will get a PHONE HINT and an EXTRA RIDDLE BOOK to facilitate puzzle solving and route planning;

Phone Hint - $50 Raised!

Teams that raise $50 or more will get one PHONE HINT allowing them to call in and ask a question during the race (The question can not be the exact location)


Questions about the Ultimate Riddle Race, event logistics, sponsorship opportunities, volunteering, and day-of experience should be directed to Greg Russell at grussell13@comcast.net

Questions about the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation, registration, website, fundraising support, Facebook integration, and donation methods should be directed to Brett Curtis at bcurtis@crohnscolitisfoundation.org or 646-584-1513. 


The Ultimate Riddle Race is a prime opportunity for you to simultaneously support our mission and showcase your business to a wide array of participants who will be at the event and in locations throughout Calvert County. This unique, team event and race is a county-wide scavenger hunt that draws more than 500 attendees and supporters and, new this year, culminates in an exciting dinner and afterparty with live entertainment, drinks, dancing, raffles, and more! You can view our sponsorship packet and learn more about these opportunies here


  • Minimum of 2 riddlers per team with one team captain. At least one teammate must be 18+. The max number of teammates per team is the maximum number of people legally allowed to fit in ONE vehicle (i.e. a 7-person minivan can have 7 total teammates). If you'd like to register more than one team, you can do so.
  • All team members must travel in a single vehicle throughout the race. Team members must stay together at Riddle sites.
  • You do NOT have to solve the riddles in order.
  • Teams are forbidden from intentionally or unintentionally hindering the performance of other teams IN ANY WAY, i.e. blocking another team’s vehicle, altering a Riddle site, etc..
  • Teams must follow all traffic laws throughout the race. Any team determined to be speeding or driving recklessly will be disqualified.
  • Teams must check in at a designated location and time with their completed, intact Riddle Book to be eligible to win.
  • All disputes will be resolved by The Ultimate Riddle Race Committee.
  • Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams.
  • Do not cheat. Do not hinder another team. Please do not do anything to ruin the reputation of Calvert Crohn’s, The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation or this event.  The Ultimate Riddle Race committee reserves the right to modify or add to these rules as needed.
  • A full FAQ will be posted and shared with all teams before the race.
  • Questions about the race? Email Greg Russell at grussell13@comcast.net

OUR SPONSORS ARE INTEGRAL TO THE SUCCESS OF OUR EVENT AND CONTRIBUTE GREATLY TO THE WORK OF THE CROHN'S & COLITIS FOUNDATION. Below, please see some of the many sponsors who are making a difference in our event! If you hover on the side of the images arrows will appear to scroll and see each of our tremendous supporters. You can click on the images to learn more about these sponsors and visit their webpages. THANK YOU SPONSORS!