Fort Laurderdale Take Steps Day of Details

Where: Nova Southeastern University
3100 Ray Ferro Jr. Blvd
When: Saturday, April 23rd
Registration Opens at 9:00 AM
Program Begins at 10:00 AM


Where is the walk?- The walk will be held at Nova Southeastern University. As Nova is a large campus, use the address 3100 Ray Ferro Jr. Blvd to get to the correct area. We will be in the courtyard between the Carl Desantis Building/Huizenga School of Business and The Alvin Sherman Library. There will be free parking in the library parking garage which is immediately across the street (Ray Ferro Jr. Blvd). 

The walk will be held in the courtyard between the Carl Destantis Building/Huizenga School of Buisness and the Alvin Sherman Library. Parking fees will be waived in the Library Parking Garage. 

From I-595 exit at University Drive proceed south to SW 30th Street. Turn left onto SW 30 Street and proceed approximately ½ mile turn right onto Ray Ferreo, Jr
Boulevard. Make your 1st right at the 4-way stop. You will see the parking garage on your right and the Carl DeSantis on the left, the Alvin Sherman Library is to the south of the Carl DeSantis Building.

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What time should I arrive?- Registration opens at 9:00am. From 9:00-10:00am you will enjoy entertainment, a kids area, performances by the Nova Southeastern University Shark Cheerleaders, refreshments, and of course visit our wonderful sponsors at their booths. Make sure you get your sponsor passport stamped for the chance to win a prize! At 10:00am our program portion will begin, then the walk about 20-25 minutes later.

Is registration required for those who plan to walk with my team?- YES! If you know of people who are planning to walk with your team, please have them register now. If they are not pre-registered we will need to collect their information at check-in. If there are a lot of people who arrive who have no registered, this will create a bottleneck at registration. I’m happy to register them on your team if you send me their names and email addresses, or they can join on your team page. *** If someone THINKS they may be coming but isn’t sure, please register them to be on the safe side!

When will we get our shirts?- Those who hit Pacesetter status ($100+ raised in their name) will receive their shirt at registration.

• When will we get other incentives?- The $75+ self donation incentive, as well as the incentive for those who have raised $350+ in their name will also be given to you at registration if you qualify. The incentives for those who raise $1,000 or more in their name will be contacted after the walk. Read more about this year’s incentives here.

How long is the walk- About one mile

I still haven’t hit my fundraising goal, what do I do?- There is still PLENTY OF TIME, but we need you to get started! Fort Lauderdale Take Steps has a fundraising goal of $98,000 and we still have a way to go to hit that number. We need everyone to do their part! Remember, your team can help you get there. If each person on your team does just a little fundraising in their own name, that can help you hit your team goal! We have prizes for the teams that are 100& Committed, meaning that everyone on their team fundraised!

What do I wear?- Comfortable walking clothes! Shorts, yoga pants, T-Shirts and of course your Take Steps gear!

We can’t make it to the event after all, what do we do?- We will miss you!!! While Take Steps is a celebration of our IBD Community, it is first and foremost a fundraiser for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation. Please still share your team’s fundraiser and do everything you can to hit your fundraising goal and raise awareness!

I want the $5,000 Team Tent! When do I need to hit that milestone to receive that incentive?- To receive the coveted team tent, your team has until Tuesday, April 19th to raise $5,000! We will be providing the tent for those who hit this milestone. 

Thank you to our National Gold Sponsor:

Thank you to our National Silver Sponsors

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