2022 Honored Hero, Charlie Heinrichs


"My poop started bleeding at night. My tummy started hurting for the days or months later. My legs hurt and I was always tired. I did not want to play or go outside. I was hot and cold and needed to go to the hospital...

Mommy took me to see a lot of doctors, that’s when we met Dr Larson. I got a mask on my face and didn’t like the smell of bubblegum or strawberry but I went to sleep. She (Dr. Larson) checked my belly inside and saw that my belly was red. So then she gave me a pokey on my hand and made me cookies.  Dr Larson said I have the Crohn’s. Then I went back to the hospital to get my port. I get medicine every month through my port.

I used to cry a lot. Now I don’t cry anymore. When I get my medicine it sounds scary, but it’s not scary anymore. I can still do everything! I can play and dance. When I grow up I want to be a singer and a dancer. I care about all the children with Crohn’s. I want to be their hero and show them that they can be brave too

- Charlotte "Charlie" Heinrichs (7), 2022 Fort Lauderdale Take Steps Honored Hero

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