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Dr. Kunjal Gandhi is a practicing gastroenterologist with GI Specialists of Georgia. She received her undergraduate and medical degrees from University of Florida. She completed her internal medicine residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital. She then went on to complete fellowship training in gastroenterology & hepatology at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. In her final year of fellowship, she was awarded through Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation additional fellowship training in inflammatory bowel disease at Harvard’s Massachusetts General Hospital. 

 Dr. Gandhi is a committed member the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation. She believes strongly in the Foundation’s mission to improve the lives of patients and find a cure for inflammatory bowel disease. The Take Steps walk plays an integral part in achieving this mission. The event helps bring together all the important people to drive the mission forward - patients, caregivers, clinicians and researchers.

 Dr. Gandhi invites you to join her as she teams up with the Atlanta chapter to raise over $140,000 this year. The funds raised go directly back to the IBD community through research, education and patient advocacy services. She looks forward to seeing you there. 



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My name is Kent Carson and I am a 16 year old junior at the Westminster Schools, and I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in late May of 2021. I love playing sports such as Golf, Soccer, and Rugby as well as keeping involved with clubs and extracurricular activities at my school. Furthermore, I love spending time with my friends and family who have offered me wonderful support during my journey.

 I first experienced symptoms in March of 2021 with light stomach aches and intestinal pain. At first it did not seem like a large issue. It was not impacting my life in large aspects, so we assumed it was just stress. Gradually, my symptoms increased with more frequent and painful stomach aches as well as a loss of appetite. I noticed myself feeling more tired than ever and losing motivation in life. I would come home after enduring a stomach ache the entire school day and crawl into my bed to nap. Throughout the time that it took to find a diagnosis I had lost 10 pounds and was skinny and lost. I was having weekly fevers and missing tons of school for doctors appointments.

 Finally, we were referred to Dr. Olga Sherrod at GI Care for Kids who offered me a hand of support. She prescribed me a Colonoscopy and Endoscopy to help figure out what was wrong with me. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease shortly later; however, we now had to get my medicine approved. It seemed like a never ending struggle now that I knew my diagnosis but could not receive medicine to help me.

 Now, 6 months later I have reached full remission and am living my normal life again. I am back to playing sports and hanging out with friends without having to worry about a “Crohn’s attack”, so we called them. Receiving safehaven and support from this organization means so much to me, and the ability to participate in raising money for such a wonderful cause is truly a gift. Crohn’s turned out to be a gift in disguise, displaying my true interest in medicine, as well as connecting me with such wonderful people. I hope that I can extend the same level of support to others that I was offered throughout my tireless journey to remission, and offer hope to those struggling.






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