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Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2022 Take Steps Walk. Our walk has passed but donations will continue to be accepted through the end of the year. Your dedication helps us continue supporting ground-breaking inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) research and patient programs.

Whether you donated, volunteered, fundraised, or all of the above, we truly appreciate your support!


Have questions or interested in getting started for next year? Reach out to our local walk staff.

Christina Albuquerque,, (646) 908-8664.


Take Steps Colorado still needs your help to reach our $92,500 goal.


Is your donation eligible to be matched by your company? Visit our Matching Gifts Portal to find out how to involve your employer and double your impact! Reach out to your donors and ask them to get their donations matched also!


Do you still have donations to turn in? Please mail any donations not yet turned in to Take Steps, 1805 S. Bellaire Street, Denver, CO 80222. Be sure to include a note letting us know your name and which team you were on.


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Top Fundraising Clubs

Take Steps may be over, but we can’t stop until there are cures!


Top teams and individuals can go above and beyond to provide hope, inspire action, and find cures through fundraising efforts and outreach. These teams and individuals become members of our Top Fundraising Club.  


Congrats to our 2022 Colorado Take Steps Top Fundraising Club Members!


The Top 25 Fundraising Teams raised $42K collectively as a team!
  1. Chronic but Iconic
  2. M2's IBDestroyers
  3. Rocky Mountain Gastro
  4. Mission Remission
  5. Kickin' Gas!
  6. Lower GI Tract Stars
  7. Cat's Clowder
  8. Rita's Tummy team
  9. Barbara's Best Buddies
  11. The Soggy Bottom Boys
  12. Bonni's "Butties"
  13. Will's Steppers
  14. The Inner Forces
  15. The Loose Poop Group
  16. University of Colorado Crohn's and Colitis Center
  17. Grumpy Guts
  18. Denver Dinos
  19. Great Guts of Fire
  20. Rocky Mountain Richmond Greyhounds
  21. Storm poopers 2.0
  22. Team Marisa
  23. GiGi's Reasons
  24. Team Joji
  25. Find a Cure


Special thanks to our Pacesetters, who each raised at least $100!


Alex Rae Cooper

Alexis Oonk

Alicia Witkins

Amanda Vogel

Amy Sidorski

Angie Mudd

Audra Meyers

Barbara Jordan

Ben Click

Bonni Rork

Brenda Walters

Caitlin Fischer

Catherine McAvoy

Chris Murphy

Courtney Kellogg

Courtney Rodocker

David Garofalo

Denise Tamulis

Don Peterson

Edwin de Zoeten

Elizabeth Miniaci

Erin Rome

Erin Walters

Graham Geesing

Hadley Hobson

Heather Easton

Heather Hobson

Heather Zambrano

Isabella Pesola

Jamie Gonzalez

Janis Haley-Allegro

Jared Hobson

Jen Webb

Jessica Borchard

Joe Sloan

Joelle Webb

Joseph Biesecker

Joshua Stein

Joshua Steinberg

Joy Murphy

Kaitlin Mendoza

Kate Paden

Keith Dillion

Kevin Parker

Kristine Garofalo

Lisa Radewan

Lori Perkins

Luca Pesola

Maggie Munoz

Mallory Hobson

Manuel Esquibel

Marion Harris

Marisa Scarnato

Marissa Osborne

Mark Gerich

Matt Brodahl

Natalya Fayman

Rachel Markowitz

Randi Garber

Renee Krupa

Rita Steinhauer

Robert Dolan

Steve Jackson

Susan Hunter-Smith

Suzanne Dirscherl

Tim Weber

Trent Martin

Waseem Ahmed

Whitney Heim

Will Sidorski

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