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Join the Medical Weight Loss Clinic Team today!
Join the Medical Weight Loss Clinic Team today!

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So why do we walk for a cure? Our community and our MWLC family is why! As we gear up to represent MWLC at the Take Steps Walk for Crohn’s and Colitis, I wanted to share my personal story.

David's Story:
Starting roughly 10 years ago, I had what I classified as a “sensitive stomach”. I thought maybe I was lactose intolerant or just had to be more careful about what I ate. About 7 years ago my illness got so bad that I could no longer ignore it. After undergoing many tests, some of which were not so comfortable (ie. A colonoscopy), I was finally diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. I immediately went on heavy doses of steroids and a cocktail of other drugs to try and help my symptoms. I was fortunate. I only needed one surgery and found a drug that I inject every 2 weeks. When that became less effective, I switched to monthly infusions of Remicade given in a hospital setting. After years of struggling, I finally seem to be in remission.
I still battle daily with not only the physical side effects of having Crohn’s, but the mental part as well. Most people think that I have a fear or some type of social issue when it comes to eating in public. The truth is, I spent so many years in fear of becoming sick every time I ate, and so I stopped eating out of my house. I was scared that I would have to literally run to the bathroom so it was easier to not eat all day and just deal with any potential for getting sick after eating from the comfort of my own home. Even though I rarely have issues anymore, mentally I still struggle to get over the fact that I could get very sick after eating a simple meal.
There are no cures for Crohn’s and Colitis. I was fortunate that I was diagnosed as an adult in my mid 30s and could handle whatever the doctors had planned for my treatment. So often it is young children who are diagnosed and often spend years in and out of surgery and lengthy hospital stays. Again, I was one of the lucky ones. Once my Crohn’s was under control, I decided I needed to give back. I joined the Board of Directors for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation and have been doing my best to raise awareness, and funds, for this extremely important cause.
Take Steps is the biggest fundraiser for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, please do your best to raise awareness for this important event. I would love to see MWLC have a huge presence at the walk. To have patients and employees walking together for a good cause, what could be better than that? I hope to see you out there!

David Paull
Medical Weight Loss Clinic

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